Special Track on HMI & Robot Simulations

Interaction between man and machine from the traditional keyboard, mouse, and other mechanical interaction begin to voice, gestures, facial expressions and other natural interaction direction, with the advanced computing technology and IOT technology, the human brain and machine interact directly, virtual reality with the robot become a hot research. This special session is a place where researchers and practitioners share ideas on the methodologies and the applications of HMI & Robot Simulations. Our interested topics are enumerated in the below, yet submissions in the relevant fields are welcome.

  Topics of interests

  • - M&S of Robot
    - Human–Machine Interaction (HMI)
    - Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)
    - Brain-Machine Interaction (BMI)
    - Context Awareness
    - Intelligent Sensing
    - Industrial Robot Programming
    - Human-Robot Collabration
    - Collabrative Robots


  • Track Chair:
    - Yingnian Wu, Beijing Information Science and Technology University
    - Rongmin Cao, Beijing Information Science and Technology University
    - Jianwei Zhao, China University Of Mining And Technology
    - Aibin Zhu, Xi'an Jiaotong University
    - Jun Li, Southeast University
    Track Co-Chair:
    - Jingeng Mai, Beihang University
    - Xianlei Xu, China University Of Mining And Technology

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