Special Track on Military Simulation

The main difficulty of making decisions in the military battle area is linked to the complexity and intrinsic uncertainty of the military C4ISR system itself and to battlefield’s dynamic battle environment. Moreover, decision making in the military campaign field are subject to many challenges and constraints: fast change and uncertain outcomes, large military units population, increasing decision quality and performance expectations and limited response time. Modeling and simulation (M&S) techniques can supply efficient tools to solve decision making problems in the whole warfare observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) loop.

Because of the features of controllable, reproducible, economical and nondestructive, simulation is an efficient tool and method for studying and analyzing military operation. It can be used for modeling battlefield environment, predicting future battlefield situation, supporting commander’s decision and finally gaining the advantage on battlefield decisions.

This special session is aimed at collecting the application of military M&S to different concrete situations and problems arising in the broad field of military simulation, and providing a place where researchers and practitioners can share their ideas on the methodologies and the applications of simulation for military decision making. A key feature of the session should be combining a clear explanation of methodological and theoretical concepts together with some reminds to practical applications.

Our interested topics are enumerated in the below, yet submissions in the relevant fields are welcome.

  Topics of interests

  • - Methodologies
    - Military simulation system architecture
    - System-of-systems modeling based on agent
    - System-of-systems modeling based on complex network
    - Large scale multi-resolution modeling and simulations
    - Dynamic battlefield data driven simulation theory
    - Running and management technologies of simulation system
    - Measurement and analysis of simulation system’s capabilities and efficiency
    - Capability indexes analysis and designing method of system-of-systems
    - Data analysis for military simulations
    - Applications
    - Military simulation for operational plan deduction
    - Military simulation for operational training simulation
    - Military simulation for operational decision support
    - Military simulation for Wargame
    - Military simulation for military network simulation
    - Military simulation for Simulation Based Acquisition
    - Military simulation for big data applications


  • Track Chair:
    - Xiaogang Qiu, National University of Defense Technology
    - Ming He, PLA University of Science and Technology
    - Zhenqi, Ju
    Track Co-Chair:
    - Liyang Sun, CETC 28th
    - Jian Chen, PLA University of Science and Technology

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